Aaron Logo1_purple_mini grew up idolizing rock stars who did splits in the air, wrestlers who had long hair, and P.I.’s who were most debonair. He takes these balls-to-the-wall influences and carries them over into his greatest passion: brewing the best damn beer humanly possible. Oak barrels and mixed fermentation sour beers turn him on – the marriage of spirit soaked wood and beer is something magical to him. Aaron is deeply passionate about working with fresh fruits, spices, home roasting coffee’s from around the world, and going the extra mile to create truly world-class beers.

Aaron’s highly rated collaboration beer (“Rock, Stock, and Barrel”) with Greg Noonan’s Vermont Pub and Brewery was served at the world famous 2017 Vermont Brewers Festival. He’s won competitions, competed in the finals of the National Homebrew Competition multiple times, written feature articles for BYO magazine, was a finalist in Vermont’s 2018 Make the Cut competition, made educational videos with tens of thousands of views, founded Vermont’s experimental homebrew crew, is a Certified Cicerone®, BJCP Recognized judge, highly active member of the Green Mountain Mashers, a pioneer of the Mega BIAB brewing technique, and much much more.

Right now, Logo1_purple_mini is a Vermont homebrewery … tomorrow … well, you never know.


Aaron received THREE Gold certificates in the first round of the National Homebrew Competition 2019 and has two of those beers moving into the finals!

Aaron was a finalist in Vermont’s 2018 Make the Cut Homebrew competition! He brewed a pilot batch of his “Tropical Graffiti”, a Catharina-style sour, at 14th Star Brewery in St Albans Vermont and it went out to a dozen craft beer bars on Vermont! Feedback was overwhelming – people loved it – what a great experience!  This video was a little homage:

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MORE BIG NEWS! Aaron is a finalist in the 2018 National Homebrew Competition and will be competing against some of the best homebrews in the world!

Tropical Graffiti – a Catharina-style Sour

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