Aaron Ritchie grew up in Vermont and spent many a summer in upstate New York helping with his family’s gentleman’s farm. There he learned that there is something special about working with your hands, using homegrown ingredients, and appreciating the physical world. He also became a worshiper (and later a practitioner) at the church of Rock n Roll, spending many nights spying on his dad and uncle practicing with their rock band Shyboy.

As a man, Aaron earned multiple degrees in computer science, a far cry from the physical world he once cherished. It’s no surprise that he eventually supplemented his life by diving into home brewing, reading book after book and practicing the craft. After a few short years, he’s become an absolute force within the homebrewing scene and has little intention of slowing down.

Aaron approaches brewing like a rockstar, always working to write the next big hit. Ingredients are like notes on the guitar that can be put together to make an epic creation. Any beer with his name on it is the equivalent of a high flying guitar solo, an 80’s neon spandex rockstar split in the air, or an elbow drop from the top rope.